The nicotine extracted from tobacco and used in e-liquids means that technically, vaping falls under the jurisdiction of several countries that wrongly include vaping and smoking in the same bag, such as the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) or Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means that e-liquids companies are limited in their ability to promote and market the less harmful impact on our health that vaping has, compared to smoking. One such alternative posed, that may free vaping from the shackles of tobacco product legislation is synthetic nicotine. But what is synthetic nicotine and is it safe?


Since 2016, a company named Next Generation has been experimenting with the fabrication of an artificially produced nicotine product which could revolutionize the vaping industry. Currently, most e-liquids contain nicotine solutions derived from the tobacco plant, which allows several countries to classify nicotine-based vapes as “tobacco products” according to their regulations.

Synthetic nicotine or tobacco-free nicotine is a man-made replica of the traditional nicotine produced in laboratory, scientists can produce the nicotine molecule without the use of tobacco, thereby technically freeing e-liquid made with synthetic nicotine from rules and regulations set by the laws that include vaping as a “tobacco products”.

Because pharmaceutical grade nicotine is extracted from tobacco, the final product is prone to the odd impurity that may have managed to make it through the extraction process, which can create a bad-tasting vape. Synthetic nicotine, however, is made in a lab. No tobacco leaves are involved. This tobacco-free product lacks the impurities of conventional nicotine solutions while possessing the same biological properties of the tobacco-derived varieties. The result is a cleaner, more flavorful vaping experience made from a synthetic nicotine that is both odorless and tasteless.


While claimed to be purer than pharmaceutical grade nicotine, when it comes down to it, there is no real difference between synthetic nicotine and the traditional nicotine that we have become accustomed to, except that it is not derived from the tobacco plant. While there may be the case for improved taste, on the whole, synthetic nicotine is as safe as nicotine can be, it’s simply derived from an alternative source. For those looking to reduce nicotine levels overall, and cut their links with tobacco, this can be done gradually until you won’t need it all and can vape nicotine free e-liquid until you’re ready to give up vaping as a whole.


Synthetic nicotine is already being used by some e-liquid manufacturers, and has already been approved by the members of TUGACLØUDS who tested it. We can affirm that synthetic nicotine tastes better in vaping e-liquids.

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