Vape battery safety should be the number one priority for every vaper. Some vape devices are made with Lithium-ion batteries, while others are made with LiPo batteries. These batteries pose the danger of fire when misused or pressurized. There have been severe cases of vape device battery explosions. In one such case in 2015, a man’s vape device exploded in his face, and he sustained critical injuries. In another case, a victim got a hole in his hands and tongue, and he also had several teeth knocked out. Hence, every vaper —experienced or new — should understand battery safety tips.


You need not worry. According to the Battery University, cases of battery explosions are sporadic (1 in 10 million). Also, they can be 100% avoided. Let’s look at some general rules of vape battery safety:

Use battery safety cases for transportation: an extra set of batteries is always good when traveling. You should avoid transporting them without a case because they could come into contact with metal objects, complete the circuit, and explode.

Be aware of the weather: most batteries do well between 10°C and 46°C (50⁰F and 115⁰F). Temperatures higher or colder than that can damage your battery and cause explosions.

Use the manufacturer’s provided charger: chargers from manufacturers are custom made for your vape device making them the most suitable chargers.

Use a smart charger: in case you lose the original charger, buy a smart charger. Smart chargers offer safety features that you cannot find in regular chargers. They prevent overcharging or discharging of batteries which avert explosions.


Mechanical mods lack a circuit; hence they do not allow you to choose a wattage. As such, they are only suitable for experienced vapers. The batteries in these mods send all their power to the coils. Therefore, when their performance reduces, so does the wattage. Experienced vapers increase the wattage of these devices by using coils with low resistance. Here are some vape safety battery tips you should observe when using mechanical mods:

Understand ohms law: this is the most critical safety precaution when using mechanical mods. Knowing this law gives you a clear understanding of the interrelationship of voltage, resistance, current, and power. Ohms law gives you the ability to build coils that suit the amp (current) of your battery. You can increase the wattage of mechanical mods by using different coils. However, without the knowledge of ohms law, you might end up building a coil that pushes you battery beyond its limits, causing the potential of harmful chemical leaks from your battery and explosions.

Ensure that air holes work: air holes facilitate air circulation in mechanical mods. These holes also allow harmful gases to escape in case of leakage from the battery. Make sure that these holes are always in optimal condition as they aid in preventing battery explosions. To check if they are functioning, remove the batteries and blow into the mod from the connection end.

Exercise caution when building coils: when installing new coils, make sure that you pulse them to check if they are working evenly. Also, use an ohms meter to measure if the resistance of your coils is suitable for the battery.

Lock your firing button: when you are not using your mod, it is vital to lock the firing button. You do not want it to be powered by the other items in your pocket. The locking feature prevents the mod from firing for too long which can overheat the battery and potentially cause fires.

Some regulated mods come with removable batteries. These are an excellent choice for most vapers because they are economical. When the battery life is over, you do not have to get rid of the entire vape device. Instead, you only replace the batteries. How can you exercise vape battery safety when using removable batteries?

Use the correct batteries: it is easy to go wrong when selecting replacement batteries for your regulated mod. A little research about which batteries are the best for the type of mod you are using goes a long way in helping you avoid making this error. Some devices work best with LiPo batteries, while others work best with ICR batteries. Whichever the case, never use two different types of batteries in the same device.

Buy authentic batteries: fake batteries are all over, especially in some online stores. Always buy from trusted dealers and trusted brands.

Understand how your mod charges: some mods allow you to use your device while it is charging. Others require you to remove your batteries and charge them using an external charger. They still have a USB port, but it is only for updating the device.