We all know about the pandemic that surrounds the world, Coronavirus COVID-19, here at TUGACLØUDS we will be continuously monitoring the situation. Here are some precautions that we take.

VapeMail Received

All products received must be immediately and carefully disinfected. Maintaining social distance (two meters) with the postman is essential not only for our protection but also for the postman’s protection. If possible, we should ask the postman to drop the package outside our door to avoid any contact. These recommendations are not just for vapemails, but for any type of package received.

TugaBeast Coils

We are aware that a package can be touched by multiple hands, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, all TugaBeast Coils orders are suspended from March 16th until April 19th. However, we continue accepting retail and wholesale orders through our website, but we will only ship them after April 19th.

Anniversary & Giveaway

The third anniversary of TUGACLØUDS is near and, as we always do to celebrate the date, we have prepared a giveaway to raffle with our followers. This year, this giveaway will also be done, it may not be on the anniversary date. As with TugaBeast Coils orders, we will not put people at risk by sending a giveaway package at this time of easy contagion. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information on this in the future.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope everyone stays safe.