Have you noticed your vaporizer battery life doesn’t last as long as it used to? Is your e-cig battery not charging? Are you trying to find new ways to extend the life of your battery? We’ve got a few tips that can help prolong the life of your battery and help it to perform better.

1. Turn Off Your Device After You Use It

Whenever you’re not using your device, you can save power by turning it off. You wouldn’t leave your TV or coffee maker on when you stop using it, so why leave on your vaporizer? Many people leave their device on thinking that it is not using any power. If your vaporizer is on, it is still sucking away some of the power from your battery. Turn it off and you’ll save a good portion of your battery.

2. Use Your Vape Batteries Regularly

The battery in your vaporizer is similar to the battery in your cell phone. You should use it daily to maintain its performance. If you don’t use your battery daily, it will slowly lose some of its power. Try to use it daily, even if only for a short period. This will extend the life of your battery and keep it functioning properly.

3. Don’t Overcharge Your E-Cig Batteries

If you’re like a lot of people, you plug in your electronics at night when you’re sleeping to let them charge. It’s a good tactic but not the best practice for batteries. Many cellphones are equipped with a smart battery. Meaning, the battery will stop charging once it’s done. Although most batteries and devices are equipped with this feature, it’s always going to be better to charge it fully and then remove it. This will wear on the battery and shorten its life over time. To save your battery, charge the vape while you’re at home and then unplug it as soon as it’s done.

4. Don’t Drain Your Vaporizer Batteries

If you let your batteries drain all the way, it will put a huge strain on them when you go to charge them. That’s why you should plug yours in when it reaches the half waypoint. It puts less strain on the battery and you won’t have to wait as long to be able to use the vape again. It’s a win-win for both you and the device.

5. Keep Your Vape Battery Clean

Vaporizer batteries can get pretty dirty. Between traveling in and out of your pockets and being subjected to the occasional e-liquid spills, batteries sometimes need a solid cleaning. When batteries get dirty, their connection to the vaporizer itself becomes weaker. This forces the battery to work harder to produce the required amount of power required to produce a quality hit. As the battery is forced to work harder, its overall lifespan will decrease. It will also drain quicker forcing you to place it on the charger more often. Keep your battery clean, and you’ll notice improved performance, a longer charge, and better performance.

6. Store E-Cig Batteries With a Full Charge

If you know you won’t be using your battery for a few weeks or months, make sure to give it a full charge before placing it into storage. If your battery is not fully charged, it will slowly drain while in storage. The next time you use it, it will be forced to work much harder to get back to a full charge. Because it is working harder to get to a full charge, the overall lifespan will decrease causing you have you replace your e-cig battery.

7. Rotate Your Vape Batteries

If you’ve got an emergency back up battery that you carry around with you, use it instead. Again, the energy will deplete even if you just have it sitting in your pocket. By not using it, you’re wearing it down. So rotate your batteries often and give each one a turn to be used. This will extend the life of them both.

8. Remove the Cartomizer

Do you know how apps run in the background and drain your cellphone’s battery even when you’re not using it? The cartomizer works the same way. It completes the circuit in your vape and will drain your battery even if you just have it laying on the table. If you know you won’t be using the vape for a while, take the cartomizer out to preserve battery life.

Going Longer Between Charging Vape Batteries

Are you tired of your vape running out of steam when you need it the most? It could be that you’re making a lot of common mistakes when charging vape batteries. Follow some of the steps here to avoid charging mistakes and extend the life of your batteries. Never be without your e-cigarette.

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