To determine how long your vape coils will last first you must know that every situation will be different. From what type of vape device you are using to what e-juice you are vaping with. A variety of reasons will factor in how long before the coil should be replaced.

What are vape coils and how do they function within a device?

A vape coil is a device that makes mist out of e-liquid. It is essentially a heating coil made from a piece of resistance wire that heats up to create vapor. They require a wicking material, which feeds e-liquid to the coil. There are different kinds of coil:

Coil Head: these are designed for use with a specific tank and are more convenient for those who don’t want to build their own coils. The downsides are a short lifespan – they typically need changing once a week, which can get expensive – and they aren’t great for switching flavors as they typically need to be rewicked.

Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA): are also made with a specific tank in mind, but they can be rewicked as often as needed. They allow more room for manoeuvre as you’re building your own coil.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA): allows vapers to hold more vape juice in their device, with the benefit of a tank system. However, issues such as dry hits and leaking can occur if these aren’t wicked properly.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA): provides the best flavor from an e-liquid, but require expertise in building and can be dangerous if not built correctly. You also need to re-drip after every few inhales.

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA): its style is a cross between RDAs and RTAs. RDTA does both, you can drip it and it also contains a tank to hold the excess e-liquid.

Why do they have different ohms? What difference does it make?

Atomizers are measured in ohms, which are units of electrical resistance. The lower the ohms, the more power they need. The difference it makes depends on what kind of vaping experience you prefer. If you use a lower ohm coil, you’ll get a larger volume of vapor, a drier hit, and find your vape juice is used up more quickly. Higher ohm coils provide a longer battery life, a cooler vapor, and less of it, as there is less heat at the coil.

How can you tell when a coil needs changing?

There are a few signs that will tell you a coil needs changing, and they all center around how your overall experience changes. If you get a burnt taste while vaping, this is a sign the coil has burnt out and it’s time to get a new one. Similarly, if your eliquid stops tasting how it should, this usually means the coil has stopped working properly and you should change to a fresh one. In some cases, your vape can leak due to the coil being worn out, or you will get a gurgling sound upon inhaling due to the fact your coil is old.

How often should I change my coil?

This depends on how often you vape. Generally speaking, if you use a vape around as often as you smoked, you should switch coils every week. Light vapers may get away with changing coils every fortnight, or maybe even once a month if it’s an occasional indulgence, but it will largely depend on personal judgment and working out what your own usage habits are. Also the size of your coil should be a consideration, if you have a small pod system there is less cotton. If you have ceramic coils they should last slightly longer than normal coils.

What does the vape cotton look like?

Eventually the cotton will reflect this deterioration with poor flavor, and eventually the coloration of the cotton within the coil as well. You cannot always see the deterioration of the coil and cotton from the outside of the tank though. When you begin tasting a lack of flavor or sometimes a weird burnt flavor, you know your coil is just about done. If you open your tank and look at the inside of the coil and on the inside of the coil, the cotton looks dark brown, then your coil surely needs to be replaced.

What vape e-juice are you using?

The type of flavors you vape can be a factor as well. E-liquids with added sweeteners in them cause additional corrosion of the coil, and this will cause your coil to burn out much faster as the corrosion seeps into the cotton. E-liquids without added sweeteners differ as well. Typically, savory and dessert flavors will also reduce the life of your coil in comparison to fruit and candy vape flavors. Knowing what is in your vape juice can help you determine a cause for why your coils are burning out faster. Compare this with other e-liquids you use to see which one is the culprit of killing your coils.

One last thing…

When gauging your coil, it’s important to consider all these factors. If you’re building your coils and you have an RDA, the quality of the coil is dependent on your abilities to build. If you are properly changing your cotton, cleaning your coils, and you have a well-built coil, typically you can extend the life of your coil to a couple months or more and maintain the flavor of your vapor.

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