Now that vaping is a mainstream activity that has attracted many smokers thanks to it being the safer option, we are seeing new products enter the market all the time. Disposable vape kits are all the rage right now. So if you’re interested in disposables vape pens, but have no idea what they’re about or how they work then look no further, we are letting you know everything you need to about disposables.

What are Disposable Vapes

Disposable vape pens are one of the latest technology for smokers. They are simple devices that give a relaxation feeling similar to that of smoking. It’s a vapor-producing handheld device. Disposable vape pens use batteries and come in different flavors and nicotine – mostly salt nicotine, which is a major ingredient for producing the vapor. A typical disposable vape pen is an assembly of a storage tank, battery, heating element and mouthpiece. The storage tank holds the liquid containing nicotine and the specific flavor of the vape pen. A heating element, powered by the current from the battery, heats the liquid in the storage tank to produce vapor. The vapor produced is then sucked in via the mouthpiece.

How To Use Disposables Vapes

Disposables were designed to be easy! So using them is quite literally a walk in the park. In fact, they’re perfect for any walk or adventure for that matter. These e-cigarettes are ready to vape straight out of the box, disposable e-cigs don’t require any maintenance or hassle, simply unpack, inhale and start vaping. When empty, throw it in the bin and replace it with a new one. You’ll know when your device is empty through the reduced amount of vapour produced and a decline in flavour. Some kits may even have light indicators which will change colour or flash when they’re empty.

Benefits of Disposable Vapes

Cheap to Buy: Among the main advantages of disposable vapes over more sophisticated models is that they are cheaper to buy. You will usually find them made from moulded plastic – a cheap and efficient method of manufacture – and they are generally far more basic than your more expensive models. That does not detract from their usefulness. If you’re new to vaping it may be that a cheap disposable vape pen is your best choice as it will allow you to enjoy your first taste of vaping and decide if you want to become a regular. If so, there is a world of exciting devices and accessories for you to indulge in.

Portable and Discreet: Portability is another benefit of the disposable type of vape pen. Full-size vape mods – those that offer a variety of functions and features to fine-tune your vaping experience – are not small items. The disposable vape can drop into a pocket or purse easily and is handy for when you want to take a draw. Discretion is also something that people using vape pens consider important. This sort of vape device can be used quickly and discreetly when you are out and about. Indeed, many seasoned vapers keep a disposable ready for use when on the move.

Simple to Use: Perhaps the most attractive feature of disposable vape pens is the simplicity of use. Most are so easy to use that you simply press a button, and you are ready to take a draw in mere seconds. We are seeing more sophisticated disposables come to market – some with variable voltage, for example, and others with improved airflow – but in the main this is a sector of the market that caters for those looking for a basic vape pen with which to enjoy vape e-juice.

What Flavours of Disposable Vape can I Buy?

There is no one answer to the above question! With many different brands vying for custom in what is a fast-expanding market the choice is simply colossal. Flavours are developed constantly and the only limit to the choice is imagination. Whatever flavour you would like to vape you are certain to find it somewhere. So, in summary, a disposable vape pen is a great starter pen for newcomers to the world of vaping. Once you have begun to enjoy using these cheap and simple devices you may want to get into the wide world of vape pens, and there is plenty to learn about!

The Dark Side of Disposable Vapes

Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with disposable vapes. We all have, or at least we should have, a responsibility to protect our planet, so the idea of using vape devices and throwing them away after one use is not the most sustainable method.

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