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About Us

Our Story

TUGACLOUDS is a worldwide vape team founded in Europe and based in Germany has been in the vape community since May 15, 2017. It was the first worldwide vape team to appear from scratch by Portuguese vapers.

Our logo, created in an original way, obviously has a meaning: each end of the triangle represents the three founders of the team and in the middle is what unites them, the Ohm sign.

TUGACLOUDS has members of the four corners of the world most of them are promoters and/or ambassadors of vape brands and some are vape enthusiasts or shopkeepers.

Uniting our passion for vape and in particular for the dripping world in TUGACLOUDS there is still space for theDriplanet Squadfor drippers lovers and coil builders.

We have amerchandiseline available to anyone who wants to proudly represent the team, whether it is a member or not.

Want to join us? Fill the form that is on ourJoin Ustab. Keep in mind that is not because of entering the team you will receive liters and liters of e-juice or vape products. You have to work for it. Each member of the team is responsible for the products their promote whether in collaboration with brands or on their own.

If you have a vape brand and would like our team, or just a few members, to help promote your product, please contact us through theCollaborationtab.

Need help? If you have any questions or concerns contact us.