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About Us

What is TugaClouds?

Worldwide Vape Team founded in May 2017 between Germany and Portugal it’s the home of promoters, brand ambassadors, tricksters and enthusiasts. TugaClouds is the first vape team to be born in Portugal and 100% created from scratch by a group of Portuguese vapers.

Who can join us?

As long as the photos or videos have the minimum quality (shoot and edit) any vaper can join the team. Just fill out the form that is on theJoin Uspage and wait patiently for our response. Due to the large number of requests our response may take a few days.

What we do?

The members of TugaClouds promote all type of vape products like box mods, e-juices, coils, cotton, etc. Team members are responsible for the products they promote with the exception of some brands that sponsor all or a few members of TugaClouds.

Can TugaClouds promote my product(s)?

TugaClouds or just a few members of it can promote your products. We give the brand the freedom to choose who they want to promote their product(s). Get in touch with us through theCooperationpage for more info.

Where is the promotion done?

Each team member promotes the product(s) in their social networks. All posts from our team members are shared on our social networks and also on the home page of our website. Some posts are also shared in groups and vape forums.

What is DRIPlanet Squad?

DRIPlanet is the B side of TugaClouds which is entirely dedicated to drippers lovers and coil builders.

DRIPlanet is another vape team?

DRIPlanet Squad is open to all vapers who want to be part of it. Just share photos of your drippers or coils with the hashtag #DRIPlanet or #TugaNation to get a chance to be featured on DRIPlanet social networks.

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